Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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Okta Inc.: “Yeah, that’s a high-risk thing. It’s up 150 percent. But remember, it’s in that whole group of stocks that I really like in enterprise software that I think is terrific including, by the way, Coupa, which I think is good. I will say don’t put a gun to your head; wait till Okta reports. I know, you may have to miss some upside. Maybe buy a little ahead and then a little after, but don’t do all at once.”

Harsco Corp.: “I want you to hold onto it. The stock is up very big. Here’s my take on Harsco: great American manufacturer. Can’t go wrong with those.”

Nucor Corp.: “I think that it’s the best American steel company, best steel company in the world. I think it’s got a nice yield, I think that they’re generating a huge amount of cash flow and I want you to hold onto Nucor.”

Exelon Corp.: “Exelon is good. I’ve got to tell you: I think that utility stocks, short term, are way too high, but I do think it’s such a fine company [that] you have to be willing to buy more if it comes down.”

Hortonworks Inc.: “I like the merger. I think it’s really important. Takes out a competitor. Very good situation. Buy, buy, buy.”

Wrkco Inc.: “It’s just OK. It’s just OK. There’s too much supply coming on. It looks like a major mistake that I did for ActionAlerts. This one has been a decliner and I’m not happy with it. It’s got a 4 percent yield, so no need to sell it, but I can’t recommend it.”

Immunomedics Inc.: “Diagnostic imaging – very good business. I like Illumina more when it comes to that. Illumina’s a better company.”

National Fuel Gas Co.: “Always liked the company. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride; I used to think it was going to get a takeover because it was natural gas holdings. That never happened. I think you’ll do fine. NFG’s a good company.”

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Disclosure: Cramer’s charitable trust owns shares of Wrkco.

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